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Trader FAQ
My business sells fashion and home wares. Can I bring both?
Traders are only permitted to trade fashion items at Fash 'n'Treasure. Please only bring fashion items to your stall.
I am a professional trader but I don't have an ABN. Can I sign up to trade as a personal trader?
Certainly. Keep in mind that professional traders have the benefit of advertising and branding on our website so it's definitely worth the extra time (particularly if you're just starting out). Personal traders often represent 'garage sale'stalls, and these stalls are grouped together at markets. If you are happy with these conditions, and agree to our terms and conditions, are you welcome to trade as a personal seller.
I am a professional trader but I would also like to sell personal items separately. Is this possible?
Absolutely, but you will need to sign up for two accounts. Personal trade stalls are grouped together at the markets but once you have registered as a professional trader, you may only book stalls designated as a professional space. Alternatively, you can sell both business and personal items from the same stall.
What kind of advertising are you doing?
We will be doing extensive print, radio and online advertising, as well as press releases to the Canberra Times, The Southside and Northside Chronicles, Capital Magazine and City News. We are always looking for suggestions for advertising to feel free to contact us with ideas.
How is Fash 'n' Treasure different to other markets in Canberra?
Fash 'n' Treasure is Canberra's only dedicate fashion market. We provide infrastructure for selling fashion because we know how hard it is to tote around mirrors and change rooms all the time. We also offer an automated booking service so you can control which markets you attend, and which stall you are paying for. We are traders ourselves and know how stressful markets can be - we promise to do our best to support each and every stallholder.
What's the difference between a Professional, Personal and Service trader?
Please see this page